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Jeff Hawke

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Often regarded as one of the most important science fiction comics ever released. 


! Trivia:

In the strip H1760, published 21 November 1959, it is possible to see a stone that commemorates the first human landing on the Moon, noting that it happened on 4 August 1969.

Thus, Sydney Jordan and William Patterson forecast the real date of this event with an error of only two weeks, ten years before Neil Armstrong made the first descent to the Moon surface on July 21!


The greatest space adventurer and fighter of interstellar wars is JEFF HAWKE, the James Bond of the galaxies.

The cartoon spaceman has won many awards for his creator Sydney Jordan. Fantasy is Jordan's great asset as a draughtsman and writer. He moves you a million miles in a twink and his space perspectives are masterly.

Sydney Jordan was born in Dundee, Scotland. By the age of ten he was drawing 'science fiction' pictures of a kind; building model airplanes to satisfy a passion for World War I aircraft, looking at the stars through an old naval telescope. Thus was sown the seeds of his career.

The artist was trained as an aeronautical engineer. Aircraft and space seem to provide the widest possible scenario for the strip hero he had in mind.

The strip JEFF HAWKE first appeared in the Daily Express on 15th February 1954.

A typical Jordan thought:

"The history of man is the story of 800 ghosts, standing at my back. Only 800 ancestors ago, I was a hominoid, just emerging from the ape. And 650 ancestors ago, I was still living in a cave."

"Yet think - today man's footprint is on the moon. On this time-scale Jeff Hawke's journeys to the stars are not fantasy. They are the events of tomorrow."

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Jeff Hawke Episode List


1 Space Rider

2 The Martian Invasion

3 The Search For Asteron

4 The Threat Of The Past

5 Opposite Power

6 Sanctuary

7 Unquiet Island

8 The Castaway

9 Out Of Touch

10 The Dream Pedlars

11 Poles Apart

12 Sacrifice

13 Time Out Of Mind

14 Overlord

15 Survival

16 Wondrous Lamp

17 Counsel For The Defense

18 Pastmaster

19 Immortal Toys

20 The Ambassadors

21 The Gamesman

22 A Test Case

23 Pass The Parcel

24 The Changeling

25 Rip Van Haddow

26 Prodigal Son

27 Uncanny Deep

28 Winner Loses All

29 Faery Land Forlorn

30 A Foreign Body

31 Moonstruck

32 The Helping Hand

33 Anti-gravity Man

34 Made In Birmingham

35 The Oil Rig

36 Incognito

37 The Great Atlantic Crossing

38 Getaway

39 Ghost Errant

40 A Word Of Advice

41 The Intelligent Ones

42 Wildcat

43 Overland

44 The Engine That Worked On Grass

45 The Hole In Space

46 The Venusian Club

47 Cataclysm

48 The Poltergeist

49 Rogue Star

50 The Day The Moon Nearly Exploded

51 The Strange Ship

52 Daughter Of Eros

53 S. O. S.

54 Rescue Party

55 Chacondar!

56 The Book Of The Worlds

57 Time Is Out Of Joint

58 Someday I'll Find You

59 The Bees On Daedalus

60 Here Be Tygers

61 Selena

62 Sitting Tenants

63 Shorty's Secret

64 On The Run

65 The Comet's Tale

66 The First Person Plural

67 The Winds Of Mars

68 Moratorro

69 Heir Apparent

/and many, many more….