Jeremy Carrad

Jeremy Carrad led a varied life. Born in 1932, he grew up first in Sutton Coldfield and then in London. After enjoying his national service, he stayed on in the army for another 10 years, setting up a forces' radio network and making programmes for the troops. From 1962 to 1976 he was anchor of the BBC West news programme, Points West, before deciding he'd had enough of that and quitting to run communications courses for industry. Latterly he was a playwright and novelist.

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Roger Courtenay

Roger Courtenay is descended from a long line of Cornish fishermen and miners, so was naturally drawn to a career as an economist in the City of London. He divides his time between his home in London, and Cornwall, where he obsesses about the Cornish language and pretends to surf.

He has a first in economics from Cambridge University, a PhD in asset pricing theory, and is both a Bard of the Cornish Gorsedh and member of the Cornish Language Board.

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Frank Dickens

Frank Dickens was born in Hornsey, London 1932.

Dickens left school at sixteen and began working for his father, a painter-decorator. A self-taught artist, he began working as a cartoonist in 1959 and has since won eight 'Cartoonist of the Year' awards for his Bristow series. In 1971 he made an introduction into stage work and in 1999 adapted Bristow into a six-part series for BBC Radio 4. Dickens has also published twelve children's books and two thrillers. 

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Charles Hall

Born in London, Charles Hall lives in rural Essex with his wife Jacqueline. It was Jacqueline whose deep involvement set him on the ‘write track’ when it came to writing ‘Megaton Mornings’: a book about his experiences with twenty-five nuclear tests whilst serving in the RAF.

Now semi-retired from business life, and apart from playing boogie-woogie piano - one of his numbers featured in the soundtrack of BBC TV’s ‘Love Soup’ - Charles has found more time to write the kind of stories he likes to read: fast moving action thrillers.

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Greg Peake

Greg is a switched on, enthusiastic Southern American Motivational Speaker and Teacher. his formal work-life began in 1964 when he joined the U.S. Army at the lowest rank of Private. He attended Artillery Officer Candidate School and left the military as a 25-year-old Captain. He is a Vietnam War Veteran and a Purple Heart recipient.

After leaving the Army, He discovered the world of selling. This journey began in the Cattle and Livestock industry where he sold Pharmaceuticals and Ranch Supplies followed by a stint in the Debt Recovery Business. Subsequently, He worked in both Newspaper Sales and Circulation and finally the Financial Services industry where he was self-employed for 31 yrs. He successfully sold Life, Health, Disability Insurance and Mutual Funds. He owned a hugely successful Automobile Insurance Agency.

In his sales capacities, he received many awards to include membership of the Wall of Fame for the Bankers Life of Nebraska. This was awarded for being one of the Top 10 Salesman throughout the whole of America. He was a member of John Hancock Mutual Life’s President's Conference, achieved by only 2% of the sales force of this prestigious, 175-year-old company.

With his wonderful wife’s encouragement, he decided to make a career change. For many years, he longed to be a Motivational Speaker. He had a unique approach to the highly emotive business challenge of getting sales people to consistently make business development calls and accordingly wrote his first seminar, ‘Let’s Talk About Talking’. Following the huge success of this offering, and at the suggestion of a client, he then followed it with ‘A 'Check-Up from the Neck-Up'. To date, he has successfully conducted in excess of 400 of these Seminars worldwide, among a wide variety of local as well as multinational companies.

He is enthusiastic and passionate about his Seminars as he knows that they really do help people. He considers himself a very genuine and down to earth person and his love of people is easily felt.

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