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At some time or other most of us doodle. It could be to fill in an idle moment or when we are bored but our doodles can tell us much about our outlook.

Although doodles can take on many different forms, these are the meanings behind the most popular shapes and drawings.

 If you doodle circles, this can show a kind and caring nature. You like to be open and upfront and could also be creative.

A doodle of a triangle shows you in ambitious mood. You are keen to progress and make things happen while a square or box indicates a careful and orderly nature. You are methodical and should your box be open, it shows you are receptive to new ideas.

A spiral shows a desire for security and with your home and family being important to you while a heart is a symbol of love, whether existing or hoped for.

Doodles of transport, whether cars, ships or planes, indicate a desire to be somewhere else, whether on holiday or heading towards greater things.

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About the author

Neil Somerville is one of Britain’s top Mind Body and Spirit writers. He is author of over 30 books including the long running series Your Chinese Horoscope and bestseller The Answers. His works have been widely translated and he has contributed to many magazines and newspapers both in Britain and overseas. His outlook and approach has enabled him to build a large readership and with some of his observations and thoughts now included in quote collections.

In addition to his writing, Neil is a keen traveller, regularly presents talks as well as enjoys compiling word puzzles, including Sudoku Word