Our digital puzzles are developed in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript and can be viewed across multiple devices (pc, tablet and smart phone) without requiring any plug-ins


Swiggle Puzzle, the puzzle version of the Swiggle app, an addictive light strategy game. It is a refreshing alternative to number and word puzzles.  Both are the work of game inventor, David Mair, the creator of over 600 games including the hit game Don't Panic.


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Brainsnacks (TM)

Simon Shuker's Codeword


Each number in the Codeword grid represents a different letter of the alphabet.

Your starter letters are:

12=A, 13=V

Enter them in the appropriate squares in the main grid and solve the starter word.

Fill in other squares in the main and control grids with the found letters and look for the next word. Follow the word trail through the puzzle to its completion


The World's Smallest Hardest Crossword

You Be The Judge

Test your judgement against real-life court dramas!

The cases involve all types of crimes and incidents from all over the world and from different eras. The cases have been chosen for the unpredictability of the verdict. The names, and sometimes the location have been altered to protect the innocent.

Each day a new case is published along with the verdict. 

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