Our digital puzzles are developed in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript and can be viewed across multiple devices (pc, tablet and smart phone) without requiring any plug-ins

Fractal Gaming Portal

HTML5 Games Platform | Brain, IQ and Maths Games

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The Fractal gaming platform can be quickly and easily integrated into any website and with any set of HTML5 games. Ideal for media, travel, leisure, retail and hospitality websites,


• Provides Entertainment to Online Newspapers, Magazines, Facebook Pages and apps

• Integrate any HTML5 game into the gaming platform

• Brand new, as well as established puzzle games

• Amazing Designs

• Responsive HTML5 as standard

• Easy integration for websites and Facebook pages

• Bespoke solutions for iOS and Android Apps

Graphz Pack

Graphz Pack

Fractal Games is the creation of a small team of young enthusiasts who love games and challenges. The goal is to provide brain training and entertainment which develops analytical, logical and cognitive skills.  

Represented worldwide by Knight Features, one of the largest suppliers of licensed content in the UK and Republic Of Ireland,  syndicating great features across the globe. since 1985.

For information on licensing the Fractal Games platform on your website and social media pages, or to incorporate into your app please contact us.




Off The Shelf

Simple browser iframe integration

Basic stats tracking (from Google Analytics). 

1 gaming portal

Basic developer support included

Monthly flat fee and/or share of revenue





Simple browser iframe integration

Offline version

App Integration

Basic stats tracking (from Google Analytics).

More than 1 gaming portal option

User database integration with daily user rankings

User database integration with weekly, monthly and all-time live user rankings

Advanced stats tracking, including custom events, users, demographics etc. 

Multiple language support


Integrate any HTML5 game into the gaming platform

Re-branded games

Crossword plug-in


Custom background, colours, font

Brand Logo

Basic game-specific UI modifications

Custom UX modifications

Premium developer support included

Monthly flat fee and/or share of revenue

One-off fee for UI and UX development work