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Sea Fort

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When a letter arrives asking for Jack Crane’s help, both his curiosity and his sense of duty lead him from his quiet retirement to the East of England and immediately into trouble.

Someone has seen something they shouldn’t have, and they disappear because of it. Meanwhile out in the North Sea a large criminal operation has been going unnoticed, and Jack must play a game of cat and mouse with the villains to stay alive and help the innocents caught up in it. From the coast of England to the fjords of Norway the chase is on by train, boat, car and even dog sled to stop the bad guys and save the day.

But there’s always a bigger fish and most criminals eventually find themselves out of their depth. Sea Fort Vector One, once a defensive position in the biggest war of the twentieth century could become a staging point for a major offensive but those who fight a different kind of war in the twenty first.

Jack Crane’s SAS honed skills could be all that stands in the way of indiscriminate terror.

Part of the Jack Crane Trilogy


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