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Bad Faces

Bad Faces Cover Endeavour.jpg

MP Simon Hughes! A man is the sole witness to a fatal accident. Thugs warn him against testifying; but nobody warned the thugs. Jack Crane retired after a hectic career in the British Army. This resourceful, unassuming mid-forties bachelor had limited romantic experiences - his only love lay in the past. He was enjoying the peace and quiet of country life, until one fateful day, he witnessed a tragic accident. He ignores the threats of some bad faces, and picks out the young man responsible. The man’s father orders the thugs to carry out their threats, however, an innocent man is killed.

The police cannot act without hard evidence, but Crane will get it come what may. Whilst striving to obtain that evidence, he re-discovers his lost love, but is she to be trusted? Crane becomes involved with a number of bad faces that try to put him out of action. Eventually, a professional hit-man is hired, but the perpetrator finds that Crane’s resolve has no bounds.

Part of the Jack Crane Trilogy


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