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Bill Lancaster, The Final Verdict


The Story of Bill Lancaster and Chubbie Miller.

Previously published as Verdict On A Lost Flyer  

In 1928, Bill Lancaster and Chubbie Miller were international heroes after their sensational long-distance aeroplane flight from England to Australia. In 1932, Lancaster was on trial in Miami, accused of murdering Chubbie’s lover. Less than a year later, Bill Lancaster disappeared on a flight over the Sahara, and it was almost 29 years before his body was found beside his wrecked plane. A log book, tied to the wing, contained the moving account of the last eight days of his life.

Lancaster’s dramatic end was in keeping with his adventurous life. The account of his search for work and his desperate attempts to retrieve his fortune, how Chubbie fell in love with an American writer, Haden Clarke, while Bill was away, and how Clarke was shot dead in a Miami house on Bill’s return, all lead up to the account of one of the most turbulent murder trials of this century.



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