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Chinese New Year Horoscope 2019

What does the Year of the Pig hold in store?

The Chinese New Year celebrations will be livelier than ever this year. Pig years have great energy about them and with lots set to happen.

It will be a year for doing, for striking deals and with plenty of new initiatives.


For the individual, Pig years are also rich in possibility although there could be temptation to over-indulge. A certain self-discipline and focus could be no bad thing.

To find your sign and prospects, look up the animal ruling your year of birth. As each Chinese year begins late in January or early February, if you were born around this time check the actual year dates to find out which sign you were born under.



1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008

With charm, style and a friendly manner, Rats get on well with most. They are great at spotting opportunities and have good skills and judgment. Rats like company and particularly value family and social life.

A busy and constructive year ahead although, to get best results, Rats should be careful not to overcommit or spread energies too widely. In work, Rats should use skills and ideas well and be proactive.

Solid effort will be recognised and with chance for many to progress. If seeking a position, new and different openings could arise giving Rats opportunity to develop in new ways. What is accomplished now can have future significance. Finances need careful management, especially with tempting chances to travel. Attention to self and well-being could also be to advantage and with new interests opening up exciting possibilities. Domestically a pleasing year and with shared plans and projects proceeding well. Social life could also……..

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Neil Somerville is the author of Your Chinese Horoscope for Each and Every Year, published by Thorsons
Neil Somerville has been writing the bestselling ‘Your Chinese Horoscope’ series since 1987 and, as his readers have discovered, these are no ordinary Horoscope books. Although they do contain predictions they also give much encouraging advice and this is what attracted Neil to Chinese horoscopes so many years ago. They are a great indicator of trends to come and, once aware of these, it is possible to adapt and benefit from this knowledge.


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