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An Enigmatico puzzle for you!

After spending his childhood playing and creating games of all sorts, Silvano is now spending his adulthood playing and creating games of all sorts. So at least he is consistant.

He started writing articles and games in 1998, for the (sadly short-lived) Italian magazine GiocAreA.

Between this millennium and the last one, Silvano has written hundreds of games, puzzles and brainteasers for several magazines, such as La Settimana Enigmistica, Focus, Brain Trainer, Wired, and many others.

Silvano’s love for brainteasers is mostly due to the wonderful column Martin Gardner used to write for American Scientific (and to his dad buying the Italian edition of the magazine in the ‘80s). This also explains why his motto is:

“Games are Everywhere”

 - he started noticing how many games could and can found in the most unexpected places, like a science magazine (or – today - your phone!). 

He was more than happy to apply his motto in his graduating thesis for a degree in Computer Science, basing the discussion on a videogame he designed during the last university year.

Silvano is one of the nine original founders of dV Giochi, the Italian publisher of hit board games like BANG! And Lupus in Tabula. He published board games both with dV Giochi (Ostrakon, Dancing Dice, Quiz Chef…) and other companies worldwide (Globetrotter, Adlungland, Sherlook…).

Silvano loves Doctor Who, videogames with pixel graphics, Alan Moore comics, origami and writing bios talking about himself in the third person.