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RIGHTS NOW AVAILABLE : The Daughters by Frederic Mullally

Rights now available.

A compulsive international story that starts with a British actress’s love affair in the late Twenties with a royal prince, then the world’s most eligible bachelor. From there, Frederic Mullally’s longest and most imaginative novel takes the reader first to New Providence Island, then to Bronxville to observe the blooming of the two singular daughters from childhood to womanhood.

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Anything & everything Deering draws will hit your funny bone @PGLiveLondon


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With the creation of "Strange Brew," Deering -- famous for his biting humor and political savvy as chief editorial cartoonist for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette -- now has an outlet for his creative sense of humor and quirky view of life.

"Being an editorial cartoonist today, you have to be tuned-in to pop culture as well as politics -- but there are some limits to what you can do," Deering says "In Strange Brew, everything's fair game. I get to cut loose and draw anything."

Anything and everything Deering draws will hit your funny bone, whether he's poking fun at suburban life or the animal kingdom. In fact, one of the principal sources of Deering's inspiration is in his own back yard -- in the form of his two pets, Trixie the cat and Suzie the dog.

"If you look closely, you can see a lot of Trixie and Suzie in some of the cartoons I draw. Spend enough time with them, and something bizarre is sure to happen."

A house full of comic material, a lifetime of drawing and the discipline Deering has from producing five editorial cartoons every week ensures that Strange Brew is consistently hilarious. 

Let's Face the Moosic, Penzance

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Cows are shipped into Cornwall on trains and lorries, spend time on Cornish farms to qualify their milk for Cornish milk status, and are shipped back again to Devon, or Somerset, or wherever they’ve come from.


“It’s huge business for the Cornish Authority.”
“A cash cow, you could say,” Tristram contributed.


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New Illustrators November 2016

Venn Diagram Puzzles.

Can you work out which two areas of this diagram represent lonely bald eagles who live on clifftops and hunt at dawn, and eagles who live on clifftops who hunt at noon and have many friends and a full head of feathers?

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