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Cha Cha Cha

The twenty steps that make up this dance end with the Red Step. Can you trace back the sequence from there and work out which was the very rst step in the dance? 

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Cube Route

Each of the four different coloured spots on the cube represents a direction - Up, Down, Left or Right. Can you work out which colour represents which direction and make your way from a to b? The blue arrow tells you which way is up... 

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Dice Maze

Each colour represents a direction (up, down, left or right) and the number of dots on each die tell you how far to go. Starting in the middle die of the maze, follow the directions correctly and you will visit every die in turn once only. Which dice is the last you visit on your trip? 

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Mazes by Adrian Fisher

Adrian Fisher is internationally renowned as the world's leading maze designer.

Over the past 35 years he has created over 600 mazes in more than 30 countries, setting six world records and winning two gold medals for garden design in the process.

Adrian's work can be seen at the world's finest historic buildings and private gardens including Alnwick Castle, Blenheim Palace, Capel Manor, Longleat House and Speke Hall, with the National Trust amongst his prestigious client list. He has also created rides and puzzles for iconic visitor attractions across the globe including Legoland, Tussauds and the London Dungeon.

Named by The Guardian newspaper in 2007 as one of Britain's top 50 designers, Adrian is also prominent in the field of public art. He devised a new Bus Map concept for London Transport, invented the Mitre Tiling system and the 7-sided Fisher Paver system, and applied his holistic approach to the future development of Stamford - an English market town with over 500 historic buildings.

Adrian's puzzles regularly appear in newspapers and magazines around the world. 

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