The Intelligent Quiz Book That Tells You Your Score!


Sendero is a new way of presenting a quiz book.

Sendero means path in Spanish, and this quiz book will certainly take you on walk through your general knowledge!

No longer do you have to check the answers to see how you did.

Each book contains 550 questions within 10 quizzes - so 55 questions per path set.

Simply pick a starting challenge, then answer that question and move on to whichever question number corresponds to your answer. Once you reach the end of your path, you will discover your score.

SENDERO - The intelligent quiz book That Tells You Your Score!

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About the author:

Paul Steele has been involved in question writing for over 20 years on many different projects, including Trivial Pursuit, and recently released his own quiz game, Which One? Sendero is his unique style of quiz book.


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