Braintwisters Booklets

Sheet Sudoku

How does an optical illusion work? Is intelligence hereditary? How can you optimise your memory? You’ll find the answer to these and many more questions in the ‘Braintwisters’ series.

This unique collection, primarily assembled as a holiday supplement for newspapers and magazines, includes 10 fascinating books about how our brain works.

Nothing profound; they are thin paperbacks peppered with numerous games, practical tips and interesting facts. The ideal way to relax on a lazy day off. 


Venn Diagram Fun!

Venn Diagram Fun!

Can you work out which two areas of this diagram represent seashells on a beach that are pink inside and white outside and haved a spotted pattern, and seashells that are blue inside and white outside, don’t have a spotted pattern and are in a jar in your bathroom?

Spot The Differences