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Victor Oliver is consultant astrologer and  Editor of The Astrological Association's magazine The Astrological Journal. He writes the weekly horoscope column in The Lady magazine.




Weekly Horoscope Column


April 21-May 21

Dwarf planet Ceres is 413 million km from the Sun but when the two join in your chart, ready to nurture the needy. You’re everyone’s Mary Poppins this week.



May 22-June 21

Venus’ golden syrup coats that sharp Mercury tongue of yours – which is just as well because you’re in negotiation with a group of people. Right words win the day.   



June 22-July 22

Clarity of thought aids decision-making as Sun touches Pluto. More power is to be gained as a result with very little likelihood of it going to your head.



July 23-August 23

Who’s throwing their weight around at work? Is it you? Quite possibly. Career should be thriving but a power complex is the risk. You have little to prove.



August 24-September 23

A highly dynamic time as you dump all that’s illusory and seek tangible ways to express creative energy in a new way. Sun-Pluto may draw an opportunity.



September 24-October 23

Any kind of PR work glistens under a ruler Venus-Mercury fandango – women especially will sway under your persuasion. Much fun to be had if travelling. 



October 24-November 22

A dominant male in your life (possibly partner) could be in for a surprise as a more assertive you springs to life under Pluto. Oddly, he will welcome this.



November 23-December 21

One small step will be taken successfully this week to improve financial security. You are ceaseless in bringing about desired changes in day-to-day life.



December 22-January 20

At last a chance (around the 28-29th) to start a creative project, or arrange a holiday, after a long period of frustration. It’s early days, take it slowly.



January 21-February 19

No matter how busy life is, a Sun-Ceres combo demands you take time out for a loved one. People would never guess just how loving you can be.



February 20-March 20

Quite a romantic time if you allow, when love – and its expression – means more to you than ever. If single, the longing to love or be loved intensifies.



March 21-April 20

Right now, even if an angel came to you bathed in divine light, you’d say, ‘That’s all very well, but what about my money!’ Material progress is assured.



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