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Global travel doesn't have to be a hassle. Employ these secrets and make it a breeze.

6 Secrets to Make Global Travel a Breeze

Melissa Lamson


6 Secrets to Make Global Travel a Breeze

elissa Lamson

As a global business consultant, I travel. A lot. And I have to admit, it wasn't always easy or comfortable. Delayed and canceled flights. Long lines. Unhelpful airline staff. Jet lag. Breathing in recycled air. Sitting in one place for hours. The list of reasons goes on and on. But, I'm happy to report that now it's much more tolerable and I even look forward to the many trips around the world that I'll continue to make.

How did I come around? Lots of trial and error, and a few tips from other well-traveled individuals. And, so my gift to you this New Year are my top 6 secrets of global travel:Get cultured. You're in a new country--a land with interesting people and exotic sites. Don't just stay in the hotel. Build some adventure into your trip. Spend time reading about the country, talk to colleagues who have been there before, and find out what to see or where to eat.Spend time socializing with your colleagues who work there to build that bond and get a taste of the local culture. Also, it's a good idea to....

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