Frank Dickens

Eight-time winner
Cartoonists’ Club of Great Britain Strip Cartoonist of the Year

Frank William Huline Dickens (born 2 February 1932) was born in Hornsey, London.

Dickens left school at sixteen and began working for his father, a painter-decorator. A self-taught artist, he began working as a cartoonist in 1959 and has since won eight 'Cartoonist of the Year' awards for his Bristow series. In 1971 he made an introduction into stage work and in 1999 adapted Bristow into a six-part series for BBC Radio 4. Dickens has also published twelve children's books and two thrillers. 

Frank Dickens Obituary: The Telegraph | 11  July 2016

Books by Frank Dickens:

Act of Treason
An Interesting Man
A Curl Up and Die Day
Golden Guy
All Change
Calmer Sutra
Cavallo the Pantomime Horse
Duck Billed Messiah
To Be Frank
Three Cheers For the Good Guys
The Stowaways
Jeremy Nutt and the Grypon

An Interesting Man

Interesting Man.png

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Maverick British agent Simon Waggoner is ‘sprung’ from a Russian labour camp by feared Police Chief Major Igor Mikulitsin to investigate why a thousand of the world’s richest people are invited to take a secret sea trip.

The trip is the brain child of Russian oligarch Josef Penkovsky who runs his business empire from Brazil.

Waggoner quickly discovers he is out of touch with today’s intelligence links and after a struggle to get back into the game that refuses to welcome him, starts an investigation that includes meetings with other agents and takes in murders in St. Petersburg, bombings in Salvador de Bahia, romance in Disneyland and culminates in violent action in the shadow of the giant statue of Christ on the mountain of Corcavado above Rio de Janeiro.