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By Deborah Netburn
Los Angeles Times


By Joseph Hernandez
Chicago Tribune




An archive of world attractions, reviews, offbeat and trending destinations, ideas for family travel and more. Tribune travel editors work with authorities such as Rick Steves, Eileen Ogintz and Virtual Tourist to arm even the seasoned traveler with up-to-the-minute information.


Weekly Travel Features

Rick Steves's EUROPE 

Rick Steves

The celebrated host, writer and producer of the public television show “Rick Steves’ Europe.” Steves’ thoughtful and intimate advice on destination travel strays from the standard tips to unveil the pleasures of Europe off the beaten path, introducing your readers to the wonders of European travel.

  • In Europe, shop for memories — not stuff
  • In Europe, say cheese
  • Marvels beyond Madrid: Four easy day trips

Celebrity Travel

by Jae-Ha Kim

Proving that it’s possible to write an entertaining column about celebrities that doesn’t focus on recent arrests and untimely overdoses, Jae-Ha Kim’s “Go Away With … ,” allows readers to travel vicariously with some of today’s popular luminaries. The best-selling author’s celebrity travel column lets readers tag along with stars like Matt Damon, Jennifer Garner and Rachael Ray as they explore new destinations.

  • Go Away With … Christy Turlington Burns
  • Go Away With … Kelsey Robinson
  • Go Away With … George Foreman

Ed Perkins on Travel

Ed Perkins

A longtime travel expert, Ed Perkins helps consumers get the most from their travel dollar. Perkins shares his knowledge columns and travel features, giving senior travelers up-to-the-minute advice on everything from planning an itinerary for a European rail trip to booking flights, renting cars and buying travel insurance. Perkins also peppers his columns with valuable tips that will help readers avoid travel hassles. 
2 articles/week

  • Airside hotel airports
  • China: What I Found
  • If you need insurance buy it

Taking the Kids

Eileen Ogintz

In theory, traveling with kids is all smiles and seashells. In reality, it can be tears and tantrums. Eileen Ogintz understands, and her “Taking the Kids” column is sure to help parents manage the drama. Whether it’s a week-long stay at grandma’s house or a spring break spent on the slopes, Ogintz offers readers ideas on kid-friendly vacation spots, money-saving travel options and keep-’em-happy strategies that will help children and parents enjoy their time together. Moves 1/week with art.

  • Taking the Kids — 10 water-safety tips that can save a child's life this summer
  • Taking the Kids — to the Vatican
  • Taking the Kids — to Germany's famous Christmas markets

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