What is Swamp about?

Well to begin, it's not about one character. It's about an entire community of characters. Of course some characters do stand out from the crowd, but each has it's own unique story… from the least to the greatest and for each one, life means something different. For Ding Duck, it means the pursuit of his life long goal of flight. For the Flies, it's finding the next cowpat. For Old Man Croc, it's learning how tolerate his necessary but annoying Nit Picking Bird and for Mort, an innocent pre teen frog, it's about trying to find where he fits in a messy world.

Put all these characters together into one muddy, sludge filled, backwater and you've got the down to earth stuff of what life is about. So, what is Swamp about? It's about life, in a Swamp.


Welcome to the Swamp Cartoon Strip by Gary Clark. Come and join us in the murky world of Swamp life.

Meet the Swamp life…


Be entertained by the popular characters of Ding Duck, Bob The Crayfish, Wart & Mort Frogs, Old Man Croc, Cheese & Chives Rats and the entire cast of The Swamp.

It’s Life In A Messy World!