Submissions-Strip Cartoons

Strip Cartoons

The Author and/or Artist
We would like to know something about the Author and/or Artist.
Please send C.V.s detailing professional and personal interests.
If you have examples of other artwork or writing we would like to see a small selection of samples.

To give us a general overview of a new strip we like to see in the first instance:

* Character Sheet
* General Concept Synopsis
* Thoughts on possible episodes and how you see the strip developing .
* At least four weeks' material, i.e. 24 single-deck daily strips.
* Some evidence that the strip will work in colour as well as in black and white line or tone art.
* Please give us details where your strip has been offered and/or published.

Because of limited storage space we prefer material in A4 format. In some circumstances we can accept A3 or larger by arrangement only.

For production purposes we prefer digital art.

Proposal Standard Sizes:
Pixels (Print) Pixels (web)
Single Bank 3850 x 1280 600 x 200
Three Bank 3720 x 2520 725 x 494

Above all have fun with your feature and your enthusiasm will come through.

Further notes for prospective cartoonists
Traditionally strip cartoons work on a 'daily' and 'weekender' basis, having six single-bank strips Monday to Saturday and a Double-or Triple-bank strip on Sunday.  If you follow one or more regular strips eg. Garfield or Peanuts in the national papers you will see this formula at work.

Frequently a theme will run for the duration of a week with a new story starting each Monday.

A continuity strip story would run longer: over 8 - 12 weeks or even longer.