Submissions-Strip Cartoons

Submitting Your Comics and Cartoons

The Author and/or Artist
We would like to know something about the Author and/or Artist.
Please send C.V.s detailing professional and personal interests.
If you have examples of other artwork or writing we would like to see a small selection of samples.

To give us a general overview of a new strip we like to see in the first instance:

* Character Sheet
* General Concept Synopsis
* Thoughts on possible episodes and how you see the strip developing .
* At least four weeks' material, i.e. 24 single-deck daily strips.
* Some evidence that the strip will work in colour as well as in black and white line or tone art.
* Please give us details where your strip has been offered and/or published.

For production purposes we prefer digital art.

Above all have fun with your feature and your enthusiasm will come through.

Further notes for prospective cartoonists
Traditionally strip cartoons work on a 'daily' and 'weekender' basis, having six single-bank strips Monday to Saturday and a Double-or Triple-bank strip on Sunday.  If you follow one or more regular strips eg. Garfield or Peanuts in the national papers you will see this formula at work.

Frequently a theme will run for the duration of a week with a new story starting each Monday.

A continuity strip story would run longer: over 8 - 12 weeks or even longer.