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Try This!

Try This! is a compendium of fun and easy-to-do experiments that will inspire children and parents alike. Any additional items required are likely to be found in the home or nearby.

Bring science to life with these clever and colourful experiments that the whole family can enjoy.

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Let's Face the Moosic, Penzance

Cows are shipped into Cornwall on trains and lorries, spend time on Cornish farms to qualify their milk for Cornish milk status, and are shipped back again to Devon, or Somerset, or wherever they’ve come from.

“It’s huge business for the Cornish Authority.”
“A cash cow, you could say,” Tristram contributed.

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Personal memoirs as an RAF Radio and Signals Operator during A posting to Christmas Island in the Pacific 1961-1962. By Charles Hall

When British servicemen were observing nuclear tests in the Pacific during the 1950s, the Prime Minister of the time, Sir Anthony Eden, was warned that they risked a lingering death from cancer. His response is reported to have been, 'A pity, but we cannot help it.'

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RIGHTS NOW AVAILABLE: Hollywood Body Count

There’s a serial killer in Hollywood and its name is Fame. Its weapon of choice is a prescription pad. You can be rich and famous in La-La land, change your name, your nose, your bra size, but you can’t escape the pressure of trying to get to the top, and staying a star. The Fame Game has no rules and just one end.

Available rights:

  • Film and broadcast rights
  • World print and ebook rights
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