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My Pet World is written by Marc Morrone, a longtime pet owner, expert and columnist. Morrone’s column helps owners of dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, amphibians and more understand their pets to ensure a lifetime of health, wellbeing and happiness.


Marc Morrone was born in 1960 in New York and, when he was 2, his family moved to Long Beach, where he quickly became enchanted with the natural world of the seashore. He started to collect all manner of animals as pets: insects, fish, amphibians, birds and mammals.

When Morrone was 7, his family relocated to Cold Spring Harbor in New York, where he eagerly explored Long Island’s North Shore. His family’s large home allowed him to keep even more pets and grow his love for animals.

The experience of keeping many different kinds of pets has given him valuable knowledge that he shares with other pet lovers. Morrone, who owns a pet store in New York, writes a weekly newspaper column and he hosted a weekly TV show called “Petkeeping With Marc Morrone” that aired on the Fox network and the Hallmark Channel. He also was the on-air pet host for “Martha Stewart Living” as well as a call-in radio show, “Ask the Pet Keeper,” on Sirius Radio.

Morrone has written several books, including “Ask the Dog Keeper,” “Ask the Cat Keeper,” “Ask the Bird Keeper” and “Ask the Fish Keeper,” all published by Bowtie Press. He also has a memoir book, “A Man For All Species,” published by Random House.

Morrone lives in Oceanside, New York, with his wife and son and, of course, a houseful of pets.


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