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Join the famous detective Sherlock Holmes and his trusty colleague, Doctor Watson, in the many problems, dilemmas, and mysteries they encounter while trying to apprehend the infamous Professor Moriarty and other fiendish felons.

Uncover plots, reveal murderers, unmask liars and recover stolen goods, as you complete these lively logic puzzles, codes, anagrams, number puzzles, and of course, who dunits. Use your deductive powers to right wrongs and prevent crimes, while you deal with the esteemed Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard, Mrs. Hudson, Holmes’ household manager, and all the other characters you’ll encounter in and around 221B Baker Street.

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Traffic Lights

Complete the grid so that each row and column contains a red, orange and green light. The lights at the end of each column and row tell you the colour of the red light you will meet if you travel in that direction down the column or row. 

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Divide the Shikaku grid into rectangles. Each rectangle must contain a single number, and that number must describe exactly how many boxes there are in the rectangle. 

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Each row and column contains the same number of O and X. The same symbol never appears in three adjacent cells, horizontally or vertically (e.g. ?XX? must be OXXO). Also, each row and each column is unique.

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Par Four

You have four shots in which to get your golf ball upwards from the tee to the hole. Choose one each from the Drive, Iron, Chip and Putt selections. Each shot goes straight from the starting to finishing square. Only one combination will get you in the hole and you may never land o the grid, in a tree or in a bunker. 

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Tents and Trees

For every tree you must mark a tent horizontally or vertically adjacent to it. No tent can be in an adjacent square to another tent (even diagonally) but a tree can border any number of tents. The numbers by each row and column tell you how many tents there should be in that row or column. Can you locate all the tents?

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Challenge both your logic abilities
and your visual perception at the same time using


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Think Tank

Weekly puzzle problems devised David J. Bodycombe, Games consultant and puzzle writer; currently Question Editor for BBC4's Only Connect and author of Penguin Sudoku books.

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