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Test your memory! Remember where two or three images are placed.

Custom options available. Add your logo or your own images.

Play against yourself or against the clock.

ReMind is a game in HTML5 format and can be published on the internet, in tablets and mobile phones.

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Covert Views

Be quick to guess what is in the picture!

When you think you know what the picture is, stop time and get up suggestions on what it could be. A fun and educational game.  

Challenge yourself or compete against the clock.

HTML5 format suitable for internet, in tablets and mobile phones.

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Number Pyramid

Number Pyramid is a numbers-based logic game that requires addition and subtraction mathematical skills. 
The object of Number Pyramid is to fill each empty field with an answer using the sum of pre-populated numbers in the adjacent fields. 
Available in HTML5.

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This single-player version of everyone’s favorite childhood game challenges a player’s logic and reasoning skills. 

Each Battleships puzzle represents an ocean with a hidden fleet of ships, which may be positioned horizontally or vertically within the grid.  

Players must maneuver to locate where the battleship fleet is hidden, making sure that no ship touches another, not even diagonally. 

Available in HTML5.

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Hunt for the given words in the Word Search.  The words may occur vertically, horizontally, backwards or diagonally. 

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