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The Battle of Jutland Centenary

The Battle of Jutland saw the largest naval engagement of the First World War.

The British Royal Navy's Grand Fleet and the Imperial German Navy's High Seas Fleet clashed in the North Sea, off the coast of Denmark, near Jutland.

The German Fleet's objective was to destroy a portion of the Royal Navy's Grand Fleet in an attempt to break the blockade of Germany imposed by the Royal Navy.

The British Fleet's objective was to destroy the German High Seas Fleet in order to protect British shipping vital to the war effort.

In terms of men and ships lost, the Battle of Jutland was a marginal German victory.

However, both sides claimed victory in the encounter.

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St. Georges Day

Saint George's Day is the feast day of Saint George and the National Day for England. St. George's Day is not an official national holiday in England or the UK. It is celebrated by various Christian churches and by the several nations, kingdoms, countries, and cities of which Saint George is the patron saint. Saint George's Day is celebrated on 23 April, the traditionally accepted date of Saint George's death in AD 303.

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Chinese New Year

Your Chinese Horoscope for 2014

by Neil Somerville


Welcome to the Year of the Horse – a year favouring action and growth. A lot is set to happen and with much at a fast pace but how will you fare over the next 12 months? To find your sign and prospects, look up the animal ruling your year of birth. As each Chinese year begins late in January or early February, if you were born around this time do check the actual year dates to find out which sign you were born under.

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