Digital Futoshiki




Futoshiki, also known as Hutosiki, is a new logic puzzle game from Japan that is almost as popular as Sudoku. Futoshiki is like Sudoku except there is no box constraint. Instead, you have greater than and less than signs indicating the relationship between certain cells in the puzzle.

Fill in the 5x5 grid with the numbers from 1-5 once per row and column and in obeyance with any inequalities shown. In futoshiki there is only one valid solution per puzzle that can be reached through logic and clear thinking alone!

We can generate an almost infinite number of Futoshiki games for kids (aged 8 and up) and adults. Difficulty levels can range from beginners to experts, with a grid size of 4x4 (Kids), 5x5, 6x6 or 7x7. Click on the links below to see some samples.

Futoshiki Adults 5x5 Beginner

Futoshiki Adults 5x5 Advanced

Futoshiki Adults 5x5 Expert

Futoshiki Adults 6x6 Advanced

Futoshiki Adults 7x7 Expert

Futoshiki Kids 4x4 Beginner

Futoshiki Kids 4x4 Advanced

Solving strategies
To solve a Futoshiki, combine the three strategies of Sudoku (Excluding, Situating and Securing) with the following Inequality rule:

The candidates for A will be less than the largest candidate for B.
The candidates for A will be greater than the smallest candidate for B.

For example: suppose the candidates for A are 245 and for B 124. If A < B then A=2 and B=4. Look for chains of boxes linked by inequality signs.


Our digital puzzles are developed in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript and can be viewed across multiple devices (pc, tablet and smart phone) without requiring any plug-ins