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 A man, a plan, a parrot… 


Hooper is a parrot with a problem – his owner, Dave. Well, not Dave, exactly – the whole of the human race, to be more precise. They took over where the dinosaurs left off and birds (ie Hooper) got somehow left behind in the race to fill the power vacuum. But one day birds (ie Hooper) will rise up and claim what is rightfully theirs… 

But that will take time. Meanwhile, Hooper has more immediate problems. For a start there’s Dagmar, Dave’s lippy teenage daughter.

She can’t understand why Hooper isn’t a pony. And then there’s Carl, the cat, who finds it hard to repress his natural instincts where something big and feathery is concerned. 

And The Mouse, who has taken up occupancy of Hooper’s seed dish and wants to turn it into a fast food outlet. 

It’s all a bit trying, really, but as a daily strip, it’s pretty funny. Just when you thought it was safe to get back on the perch… 

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