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The Barn*

The strip follows the daily adventures and mishaps of a curious sheep named Rory and a sarcastic bull named Stan. The storylines mimic the everyday experiences of their human captors. Set on a farm, next door to a veterinary clinic, Stan and Rory usually spend time with the owner and vet, Brenda.

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"The longest running daily cartoon strip by a single author is "Bristow" by Frank Dickens (UK) which has been in continuous publication since first published in the Aberdeen Press & Journal on 18th September 1961".

Guinness World Records TM

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The Gambols

Gambols strip cartoon features in Funny Girl by Nick Hornby. Published Viking 2014

Appleby's long term friend and fan Roger Mahony continues this charming strip following George and Gaye Rivver and Miggy's life.


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Off The Branch

It all started with a branch…

On the face of it, it may look like a cartoon about owls (and other assorted creatures).  But actually, it’s not really about owls at all.  It’s about the day-to-day lives of a collection of characters that just happen to live on a branch (and sometimes off it).  

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