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Matthew Clarke

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The mysterious box had remained locked for two-hundred-years in an attic surrounded by old broken chairs and boxes of mouldy postcards. The Pengilleys made up generations of stories telling of how it contained pirate treasure from the southern seas. Then came the day when an ancestor’s will allowed it to be cracked open.

Though its contents weren’t of interest to those who sought wealth, it revealed a mystery linking one modern-day teenager back to the age of Cornish smuggling, the advent of steam power and a struggle to save an ancient civilisation on the brink.

Join the battle in the late 1700s to preserve a culture that sang songs about giants whilst dodging customs men in the middle of the Channel. Read how the battle’s reignited in a 21st century school when Gary Pengilley stands once more for what his forefathers believed in.  

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See this gallery in the original post

See this gallery in the original post