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Brainsnacks (TM)

Which iceberg (1-6) lacks a penguin?

A mistake has been made on one of the sweet vags, Which bag (1-5)?

How many blue stars are missing on the last firework?

A collection of more than 1000 visual puzzles for young adults and adults. Now challenge yourself with the best visual, numerical and logic problems. Whether you're recognising and completing patterns or finding mistakes and objects that don't belong, your appetite for more will grow. 

Each game consists of an illustration in spectacular full-colour, a question, an answer and in most cases a tip that will help you find the solution.

Topics include:

Sports and Games
Nature, Fauna and Flora
Food and Beverage
Letters and Numbers
Business, Science and Technology
Abstract and Cubes
Ecology and Enviroment

See this gallery in the original post

See this gallery in the original post