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D-Minus One From Kentucky

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(aka Megaton Mornings)


Unpublished photos and a recording of an actual countdown and detonation, newly available

The events in this story are true, although the names of the men involved have been changed. The anecdotes may invoke the memories of some of the men that were involved in them and have been included to try and reflect the spirit and feel of the island at that time. Charles Hall's memory was aided by reference to daily letters sent home from Christmas Island during the period November 1961 - November 1962 and from fellow veteran Clelland Barrie.

When British servicemen were observing nuclear tests in the Pacific during the 1950s, the Prime Minister of the time, Sir Anthony Eden, was warned that they risked a lingering death from cancer. His response is reported to have been, 'A pity, but we cannot help it.'

D Minus One From Kentucky by is an expanded manuscript of his original book, Megaton Mornings, published in 1993.

It is Charles Hall’s personal memoirs and account of the his experiences as an RAF Radio and Signals Operator during his posting to Christmas Island in the Pacific. 

There were a total of 25 bombs detonated during his tour of duty over a period of about 12 months. 

Although the book is military history, it does include humour that would still appeal to service personnel today.

Charles has obtained some unpublished photos and a recording of an actual countdown and detonation. He also has an American Fact Sheet about Dominic I (a series of 36 nuclear detonations in  the Pacific), which could be included in the book.

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