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Licensed and syndicated cartoons.


Maybe you could call Leigh Rubin a sit-down comedian. But whatever you call him, he’s just gratified to have the opportunity to make other people laugh. With his cartoon panel, Rubes, in hundreds of newspapers and gracing millions of greeting cards, mugs and T-shirts, Rubin has plenty of opportunities.

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Ballard Street

The panel features numerous characters; some recurring faces are Dottie and Will Farrington, the neighborhood skipping aficionados, Millie, who earnestly lectures the naughty person inside herself, and Scooter, the dog who loves to take baths, but only with his scuba gear.

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Speed Bump

There is no overriding theme, no tidy little philosophy that precisely describes what Speed Bump is about. "Basically," creator Coverly says, "if life were a movie, these would be the outtakes."

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