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Off The Branch

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It all started with a branch…

On the face of it, it may look like a cartoon about owls (and other assorted creatures).  But actually, it’s not really about owls at all.  It’s about the day-to-day lives of a collection of characters that just happen to live on a branch (and sometimes off it).  There’s a central character, of course, a grumpy, cantankerous little guy (Little Owl) who views his woodland surroundings with a jaundiced eye.  And, despite his irascibility, he draws in other characters around him – his laid-back Cousin Jed, his mighty elder relative, Great Uncle Eagle Owl, the scary little Frieda, the Woodpecker-next-door, the Highly Athletic Spider – all to the constant tramp of the never-ending Ant Patrol.

And, as you get to know them better, you find some pretty familiar traits and some even more familiar activities.  Aside from his general grumpiness, it turns out Little Owl is a dealer in woodland commodities (albeit an incompetent one), while Jed doubles as agent, lawyer, manager and general go-to guy, when he’s not getting lost, that is.  The Ant Patrol is the next best thing to the SAS, and the Woodpecker – well, he’s that irritating next-door-neighbour who just can’t leave those power tools alone. 


We like to think you will be drawn into their world of dodgy woodland deals, epic (but erratic) journeys, dubious work-out routines, suspect menus and, of course, food chains.  We rather think your clients will, too.  Welcome to their world.