Valentine's Day

Love & Sex by the Stars by Tanya Obreza

Aries - The Ram
21st March - 19th April

Adventurous, independent, selfish, aggressive

Love colours: Red, scarlet

Love potion:  Verbena, cinnamon, geranium

Your Sexual Style
Scorchingly sexy, the highly spirited Aries is impossible to ignore. You’re fiery and fiercely independent.  Aries love is loyal and true - unless of course, that love falls into a dull routine.  If the challenge dies, so does the interest. Your mate needs to be your emotional, mental and physical equal.  While other zodiac signs dream, Aries turns fantasy into reality. Your best bet? A partner whose libido is as competitive and fervent as yours.  Those with fragile egos should stay well away.  

Who's right for you?

Gemini - Sensational!    Gemini can match your rebellious spirit and stimulate both body and mind.

Leo - Perfect Match!    You’ll just adore Leo’s knack of turning the mundane into a tantalising treasure trove.

Cancer - Ecstatic!        Together, you’re the perfect combination of strength and romance.

What's ahead?
While work and money contribute to our lifestyle, love is an essential ingredient to our feelings of wholeness.  But to give any relationships a chance, you must promote a situation that encourages intimacy.  For lasting commitment,  some will need to wait until October. This is when singles become more discriminating and families consider an increase in numbers. Expect a few surprises around August too, when a person you wouldn’t usually consider eligible unexpectedly enters the scene.

Valentine Crossword