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Knight features Now Represent Fractal Games

A platform for original, well-thought out and handsome IQ puzzles and games.

Mathematical, Brain and IQ games

• Provides Entertainment to Online Newspapers,
Magazines and Tech Blogs
• New Puzzles, Levels and Modes Every Day
• Well-established puzzles and innovative new games
• Amazing Designs

Easy integration for websites, facebook pages, iOS and Android Apps.

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Did You Know?


DID YOU KNOW? Syndicated series from Knight Features.


Based In London, Knight Features Is One Of The Largest Suppliers Of Licensed Content In The UK And Republic Of Ireland. Syndicating Great Features Worldwide. Established 1985.

Swing Time

The physical act of moving in sync can boost cooperation between strangers, research suggests...

PSYCHOLOGY TODAY | Give readers in-depth stories about human behavior, as well as insights into relationships, work, education, the brain, health and nutrition, all written in easy-to-understand language | Syndicated in The UK & ROI by Knight Features.

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Loopy Library

by David Gall & Douglas Strachan

Stacks of puzzling fun: Word Grids, Spot The Differences, Crosswords and loads of fantastic facts…

Formats available: 

Loopy Library Full Pages
Loopy Library Half Pages
Loopy Library Quarter Pages
Loopy Library Single Puzzles
Loopy Library U.S. Half Pages

Loopy Library Christmas Content
Loopy Library Books

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