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Barbara Minto

Barbara began her career on the staff of Cyrus Eaton, the industrialist who founded the famous Pugwash Conferences of nuclear scientists. Working as part of the team that organised and ran the conferences, she received sound training in tackling the problems of communicating clearly on technical subjects.

In 1961 she left Mr Eaton to attend the Harvard Business School, later joining joined McKinsey & Company.  Since 1973 Barbara specialises in teaching the Minto Pyramid Principle to people whose major training is in business of the professions, but whose jobs nevertheless require them to produce complex reports, analyses, memorandums, or presentations.

Books by Barbara Minto

The Minto Pyramid Principle

One of the eight pioneering women permitted to attend the Harvard Business School in 1963, and later a consultant with McKinsey & Co., Barbara Minto is well known in the world of business management for her original book, The Pyramid Principle, a best-selling method to structure documents logically. 

Ms Minto has published a substantially revised and enlarged new edition of her original book. The new title, The Minto Pyramid Principle, retains all the features which made such a success of the original book and is greatly enhanced by a large new section on problem analysis and problem definition, addressed specifically to business consultants.

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