Horoscopes by Victor Olliver

Victor Oliver 

Based in the UK, Victor Olliver is the editor of the world-leading astrology publication The Astrological Journal.

In 2011 he was appointed the first stargazer of British society magazine The Lady.

Before he became an astrologer, he wrote for many publications including The Times of London, Australia Women’s Weekly and Marie Claire and won two awards for his celebrity interviews and travel journalism. 

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Annual Chinese Horoscope (February)

The Chinese New Year is always a time of great celebration and this year the celebrations will be tinged with a sense of wonder.

To find your sign and prospects, look up the animal ruling your year of birth. As each Chinese year begins late in January or early February, if you were born around this time do check the actual year dates to find out which sign you were born under.

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Daily Horoscope by Holiday Mathis

Holiday Mathis learned about the heavenly stars while meeting the earthly ones during her 13-year apprenticeship with celebrity astrologer Joyce Jillson. Jillson taught her to chart predictions, and Holiday worked with Jillson's extensive celebrity clientele, specializing in music industry clients such as producers, artists, songwriters and industry executives. She became known as "the Rock 'n' Roll Astrologer" by predicting hot CD release dates and fortuitous artist/producer combinations for some of the biggest artists on the Billboard charts.

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